Have you ever asked yourself how you can truly make a difference in the world? Answering that question was how the Association for Safari Scholars started. To learn more about how Safari Scholars started, see About Us. Suumu Secondary School Students


Understanding the Need

Safari Scholars is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to improving access to quality educational opportunities in Africa, starting in Tanzania.


Tanzania is well known for its national parks and wildlife such as the Serengeti and the annual migration of millions of animals. Less well known is that education is a privilege -- not a right. Only primary education is free (the first seven years). Secondary education (the next six years) is only available to those who can afford to pay for it. While the government is strengthening the educational system, there is still much to be done:

  • Many students who qualify for secondary education cannot afford the fees
  • Schools often lack the most basic books and equipment needed for a quality education

Making A Difference

The Association for Safari Scholars is working on two initiatives with Suumu Secondary School in the Kilimanjaro region. Started by the local community in 2005, the school has made tremendous progress in its first few years. As a community-driven school, tuition is relatively reasonable compared to many private schools, yet still out of reach for many families.

  • Scholarships for Students Safari Scholars pays tuition and fees for outstanding students who otherwise couldn't afford to go to school. While annual secondary schooling costs of $150 may seem affordable by Western standards, the average annual income in Tanzania is less than $300. Learn More Donate

  • Textbook Drive Safari Scholars is raising money to purchase as many textbooks as possible for Suumu Secondary School. Although the curriculum and required textbooks are set by the government, textbooks are not provided for each student. Schools and students must raise the funds to purchase the books needed. This means that many schools, Suumu included, only have 1-2 textbooks per classroom. Learn More Donate