Classroom Needs

Students work on a new classroom after school.

Suumu Secondary School is a joint community-government secondary school, started by three villages in 2005. With limited funding, the community has focused first on building classrooms, adding space for one form (similar to a grade or level) each year. There are six forms in secondary school in Tanzania. Suumu currently has four forms, with the fourth form added in 2008.


Inside, the classrooms are sparsely furnished with desks, chairs and a blackboard. The headmaster, teaching staff, and students are highly motivated and do their best with the resources available, but more textbooks are needed, as well as maps and other educational material.


Textbook Drive

Safari Scholars is raising money to purchase a set of textbooks for every student at Suumu Secondary School. Although the government sets the curriculum and textbook requirements, it does not provide the textbooks. Schools must raise the funds to purchase them or do without. Safari Scholars is helping Suumu obtain the books needed to help its students thrive.


The first installment of textbooks for Suumu was purchased by the Safari Scholars founders in July 2007 when they visited the school and found very few textbooks (teachers wrote the lessons on the blackboard). The founders pooled their available funds to buy as many textbooks as they could and also made arrangements with the headmaster, the chairman of the school board, and a local bank to purchase more when funds were raised. During 2008, more funds have been sent to Tanzania for textbooks, thanks to donors like you.

Textbooks are needed for every form and for every subject. The subjects studied vary by form, but include Swahili, English, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and civics.


Science Equipment and Other Needs

Science equipment is also a critical need, particularly for the fourth form. In order to progress to form five, students must pass a series of national subject area tests, including knowledge of practical science concepts, and the school has almost no science equipment. Other needs include scientific calculators, library books, a lunch room and more. In 2008, construction was begun on a library. If you are interested in a customized fundraising project, see Group Giving or Contact Us for more information.