In today’s world, many groups want to reach beyond themselves – even internationally – to help others. Safari Scholars offers a proven way to pool your resources and offer meaningful help to students struggling in a poor but stable African nation, Tanzania. Below are some examples of group giving to Safari Scholars in the past two years, as well as ideas for other possibilities.


School to School Giving

Philadelphia third graders who helped raise money for Tanzanian students.

Safari Scholars is well-suited to fundraising by children, who enjoy being able to help others go to school. When they see the needs of children in Tanzania, they also better understand the value of their own educational opportunities.

During the 2007-2008 school year, for example, students in an inner city Philadelphia elementary school raised $1,000 for Safari Scholars. The school's third graders had adopted Safari Scholars as their service-learning project for the year and conducted a fruit salad sale with the help of their teachers. Sixth-graders sold snacks and organized an International Night for the whole school, again with help from their teacher. The participating grades also studied Tanzania.


Extending a Group's Reach Overseas

If your group would like to broaden its reach, Safari Scholars can help. In 2008, for example, an academically-focused nonprofit organization used Safari Scholars to extend its educational reach beyond the United States by making a substantial donation to further education in Tanzania.


Going on Safari?

When the Safari Scholars founders visited Tanzania, they were awed by the landscape and wildlife, but were also impressed by the people they met and wanted to give something back. Many visitors take small items like pencils to give to the children, but such gifts have no lasting impact. Research has shown that improving education is one of the best ways to strengthen a society, and many Tanzanian children who desperately want an education cannot afford its cost. Safari Scholars was created to meet that need, and it now offers you the opportunity to give a meaningful donation as a remembrance of your visit to Africa.


Adding New Meaning to Holiday Gift Exchanges

If your friends or family are looking for a way to do something meaningful over the holidays, Safari Scholars offers a way. For example, in 2007, a group of office workers in Florida decided to forgo their usual Holiday gift exchange and instead gave the amount they would have spent on gifts for each other to buy books for Safari Scholars.


Customized Group Giving Possibilities

If your office, business division, or social organization would like to give for a specific need, Safari Scholars can work with you to design a customized fundraising goal. Examples include sponsoring a Tanzanian student through all six years of secondary schooling (a $900 commitment) or the provision of science equipment for one or more classrooms.


Please Contact Us if you would like us to provide more information you can use with your group.  We would be happy to answer your questions and can also mail you brochures for distribution to your members.